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Yuansfer PHP SDK

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Yuansfer Online API


  • PHP >= 5.3
  • CURL extension


  1. Install composer:

    $ curl -sS | php

    More info about installation on Linux / Unix / OSX and Windows.

  2. Run the Composer command to install the latest version of SDK:

    $ php composer.phar require yuansfer/yuansfer-php-sdk
  3. Require Composer's autoloader in your PHP script (assuming it is in the same directory where you installed Composer):



Please see examples

1. Init

use Yuansfer\Yuansfer;

$config = array(
    Yuansfer::MERCHANT_NO => 'The merchant NO.',
    Yuansfer::STORE_NO => 'The store NO.',
    Yuansfer::API_TOKEN => 'Yuansfer API token',
    Yuansfer::TEST_API_TOKEN => 'Yuansfer API token for test mode',
    Yuansfer::MER_GROUP_NO => 'The merchant group NO, optional.',

$yuansfer = new Yuansfer($config);

2. Create API

$api = $yuansfer->createSecurePay();

3. Set API Parameters

    ->setAmount(9.9) //The amount of the transaction.
    ->setCurrency('USD') // The currency, USD, CAD supported yet.
    ->setSettleCurrency('USD') // When the currency is "GBP", the settlement currency is "GBP". All other currencies settle with "USD"
    ->setVendor('alipay') // The payment channel, alipay, wechatpay, unionpay, enterprisepay are supported yet.
    ->setReference('44444') //The unque ID of client's system.
    ->setIpnUrl('http://domain/example/callback_secure_pay_ipn.php') // The asynchronous callback method.
    ->setCallbackUrl('http://domain/example/callback_secure_pay.php'); // The Synchronous callback method.

4.1. Send

$response = $api->send();

4.2. Use Test Mode

$response = $api->send();

5. API return JSON, already decoded as array

if ($response['ret_code'] === '000100') {
	header('Location: ' . $response['result']['cashierUrl']);

6. Exceptions when sending

try {
    $response = $api->send();
} catch (\Yuansfer\Exception\YuansferException $e) {
    // required param is empty
    if ($e instanceof \Yuansfer\Exception\RequiredEmptyException) {
        $message = 'The param: ' . $e->getParam() . ' is empty, in API: ' . $e->getApi();

    // http connect error
    if ($e instanceof \Yuansfer\Exception\HttpClientException) {
        $message = $e->getMessage();

    // http response status code < 200 or >= 300, 301 and 302 will auto redirect
    if ($e instanceof \Yuansfer\Exception\HttpErrorException) {
        /** @var \Httpful\Response http response */
        $response = $e->getResponse();

API Documents

Official Documents


Merchant Presented Workflow

API Call Description
Create QRC API $yuansfer->createTransQrcode() This API generates a QR Code and transaction number for the customer to scan via their digital wallet app, allowing them to initiate the payment process.

Customer Presented Workflow

API Call Description
Add Transaction API $yuansfer->createAdd() This API enables the creation of a transaction object and allows the customer to retrieve a transaction number for initiating payment.
Pay Transaction API $yuansfer->createPrepay() This will allow customers to make the final confirmation before submitting payment which will process through the digital wallet servers.
Cancel API $yuansfer->createCancel() This API allows for canceling a payment transaction in either use case when the transaction is abandoned before submission, ensuring that merchants can efficiently manage their transactions.


API Call Description
Refund API $yuansfer->createRefund() In the instance where a customer requests a refund, the following request and response objects are initiated to complete the refund workflow.
Query API $yuansfer->createTranQuery() This API is used for polling transaction results, researching transactions for refunds, and generating custom reports.


Pockyt Hosted Checkout

API Call Description
SecurePay API $yuansfer->createSecurePay() By using this API, the merchant website can send customers to Pockyt to receive payments.

Pockyt Integrated Payments

API Call Description
Process API $yuansfer->createProcess() Utilize our Partner Payment Gateways to accept popular wallets such as PayPal, Venmo, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. When integrating with Partner Payment Gateways, utilize both the 'process' endpoint

Customer Records

API Call Description
Register Customer $yuansfer->createCustomerCreate() Use this API to create a new customer, and receiving the Customer Number from Pockyt, to be invoked during calls to the SecurePay API.
Retrieve Customer $yuansfer->createCustomerRetrieve() Use this API to retrieve the customer information stored in the record, to be used in calls to the SecurePay API.
Update Customer $yuansfer->createCustomerUpdate() Use this API to update information related to the customer's record.



API Call Description
Register Payee $yuansfer->createPayeeRegister() To initiate payments to your payees, you must first register an account with Pockyt. Send a POST request to the Register Customer endpoint, and you'll receive a customerNo in response.
Retrieve Payee $yuansfer->createPayeeRetrieve() Acquire detailed information about a payee's account by sending a POST request to Pockyt's Retrieve Payee Account API. This enables you to manage and verify payee accounts effectively, maintaining the
Update Payee $yuansfer->createPayeeUpdate() To update payee details such as name, address, email, and bank info by providing customer No and new details. The API returns a confirmation message upon successful execution
Add Payee Bank $yuansfer->createPayeeAddBank() Add a new payment method for the payee, such as a bank account. This endpoint requires the user to provide the Merhcnat ID and the payment details in the request payload.
Transfer Payout $yuansfer->createPayoutPay() To execute a payment, send a POST request to the payments endpoint. Upon successful validation, the specified amount will be transferred to the receiver, completing the payment transaction.


Official Documents


API Call Description
/order/v4/capture $yuansfer->createYipOrderCapture() To fund a payment with a credit or debit card.


API Call Description
/online/v4/secure-pay $yuansfer->createYipSecurePay()
PayPal Payment Method $yuansfer->createYipOrderProcess() Call this API when the customer approved the payment order, see HTML Sample code at #line 57
Card Payment Method $yuansfer->createYipOrderProcess() Call this API when the customer approved the payment order, see HTML Sample code at #line 57


API Call Description
Capture order and save payment methods $yuansfer->createYipSecurePayVault()
Complete the payment transaction $yuansfer->createYipOrderProcess() Call this API when the customer approved the payment order, see HTML Sample code at #line 57
Pay with saved payment methods $yuansfer->createYipSecurePayVaultSaved()