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Intervention Image

PHP Image Processing

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Intervention Image is a PHP image processing library that provides a simple and expressive way to create, edit, and compose images. It features a unified API for the two most popular image manipulation extensions. You can choose between the GD library or Imagick as the base layer for all operations.

  • Simple interface for common image editing tasks
  • Interchangable driver architecture
  • Support for animated images
  • Framework-agnostic
  • PSR-12 compliant


You can easily install this library using Composer. Just request the package with the following command:

composer require intervention/image

Getting started

Learn the basics on how to use Intervention Image and more with the official documentation.

Code Examples

use Intervention\Image\ImageManager;

// create image manager with desired driver
$manager = new ImageManager(
    new Intervention\Image\Drivers\Gd\Driver()

// open an image file
$image = $manager->read('images/example.gif');

// resize image instance
$image->resize(height: 300);

// insert a watermark

// encode edited image
$encoded = $image->toJpg();

// save encoded image


  • PHP >= 8.1

Supported Image Libraries

  • GD Library
  • Imagick PHP extension

Development & Testing

This package contains a Docker image for building a test suite and an analysis container. You must have Docker installed on your system to run all tests using the following command.

docker-compose run --rm --build tests

Run the static analyzer on the code base.

docker-compose run --rm --build analysis


If you discover any security related issues, please email directly.


Intervention Image is licensed under the MIT License.

Copyright 2023 Oliver Vogel